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      Contacts:Karen Ai
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      Address:Liu Shu Industrial Park, southern suburb of Zengdou, Suizhou, Hubei

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      Shilida participated the 22nd Bakery China exhibition

      Source:www.huayruaydee.com Publication time:2022/1/20 14:05:58 Hits:times

      On May 6-9, 2019, the world's leading exhibition of bakery products and related services was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition covers an area of over 220,000 square meters and accommodates more than 12,000 booths with over 120 countries. More than 230,000 professional visitors and sellers from the region visited the site to purchase. Suizhou Shilida Biotechnology Co.,Ltd adheres to the business philosophy of "Quality First, Customer Supreme, Honesty, Continuous Innovation". Leading by the general manager Chen Jinlong, Shilida domestic sales department, international sales department and RD department participated in the baking fair.

      At this exhibition, our company not only exhibited the β-carotene series products but also launched the company's new products for the first time at this year's exhibition

      Natural herbal extract carotene



      Fermented β- Carotene

      All these products have received the attention and recognition of many old customers, industry friends and foreign lients

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