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      naturalβ-Main ingredients, stability and precautions of carotene products

      Source:www.huayruaydee.com Publication time:2022/1/28 15:12:45 Hits:times
      Main ingredients, coloring stability and dispersibility of microcapsule powder

      The main components of the series of microencapsulated powder of beta-carotene are natural beta-carotene, edible starch and maltodextrin.

      This product is cold water diffused microcapsule powder. It has good coloring properties and uniform color. It can be evenly dispersed when stirred in water.

      Main ingredients, coloring stability and dispersibility of water soluble emulsion

      The main components of the series of beta-carotene emulsions are natural beta-carotene, soybean phosphatide hydrophilic edible emulsifier (hydrophilic edible emulsifier), plus a small amount of potassium sorbate as a preservative.

      This product is oil in water submicron emulsion, small drops, good coloring properties, stable and uniform color. It can be evenly dispersed when stirred in water. This product can be stored at room temperature without refrigeration.

      Light, heat and acid stability

      When microencapsulated powder and water-soluble emulsion were used, the compatibility of microencapsulated powder with isoVC sodium had better acid resistance, temperature resistance and light stability.

      Stability test:

      The destruction test was conducted at the same time (09 years 07 months, diluted with tap water, the same concentration).

      Domestic similar products powder for 5 days; world strength for 6.5 days;

      Domestic and foreign similar products emulsion for 6.5 days; world power 12 days fade.

      Precautions for natural beta carotene

      (1) When mixing ingredients, avoid mixing directly with high concentration perfumes, acidic agents, preservatives, strong electrolytes, high concentration flavors and other organic solvents (such as alcohol).

      (2) When using microcapsule powder to prepare solid food, if the powder is directly put into the ingredients, it may cause uneven distribution of powder in the food and form color spots. First, use a small amount of cold water to beat, then stir constantly.

      (3) The water used in the preparation should be softening water to avoid the fading of iron, copper ions and free chlorine accelerating colorant into the prepared feed solution. Cheng. It is suggested that customers use anion cation resin exchange equipment to remove harmful ions.

      (4) Containers for preparing food or storing food should be made of glass, enamel, stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant containers to avoid contact with copper and iron.

      When the mixture is ready, the high temperature should be longer than 105 C. For example: in the production of candy, the colorant as late as possible to add, it is best in the temperature rose to the top, began to drop again.

      Ultraviolet rays have destructive effect on beta-C. Foods prepared should avoid sunlight exposure as far as possible. They can be placed in dark or opaque containers to extend the shelf life of food. Experiment: beta -C, VC sodium, citric acid and purified water were not released for nearly a year.

      It is best not to use high mineral, electrolyte and other organic solvents (such as alcohol) or water diluted emulsion. Do not mix with high concentration flavor, organic solvents (such as alcohol) and other substances directly, should be mixed after dilution, after dilution, the concentration of flavor, organic solvents below 3% is appropriate. Do not mix the product directly with the dry powder material with strong water absorption, so as to avoid the loss of water resulting in changes in the performance of the product.

      _When preparing food, we should try our best to use color protectant (sodium isoVC). Color protectant can effectively prevent the pigment from fading by light and high temperature. The prepared products should be as low as possible to avoid light.
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